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The nursery school is committed to providing a happy and welcoming environment where everyone is valued and cultural diversity is celebrated. In order to achieve this we aim to:


  • encourage all children to develop positive self-esteem and become well motivated, independent, resilient learners.


  • provide a broad and balanced holistic curriculum, which meets the needs of the individual. Our practice is based on current research and training relevant to children under five.


  • provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment, which nurtures a life-long love of learning for children and adults.


  • provide access to basic skills, training for work and guidance to family members and the wider community


  • offer a range of support  to families and signpost them to relevant services where needed.


  • involve children/parents/carers/extended family and external agencies as partners in the learning journey.


  • provide an inclusive environment where we actively encourage parental/carer involvement in all aspects of the provision, irrespective of race, religion, culture, gender, background, ability or age.


  • develop a team where all staff are valued, committed and motivated, with opportunities for both personal and professional development. All staff have high expectations of every child.


  • provide a variety of relevant resources, which meet the varying needs of the individual, which reflect the diversity of our community


  • ensure that all children are listened to in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and UK legislation (1989 Children Act) and children are free to make choices and to express themselves

Mission Statement


Grove House Nursery School & Children’s Centre is a unique provision for children from birth to five years old and their families. The Governors and staff are passionate in ensuring that children are provided with unlimited opportunities to be successful and responsible members of the community. We have a child-centred, inspiring, nurturing and inclusive approach to meeting the needs of all children. Therefore, we develop collaborative and creative working partnerships with parents, families and other agencies, to identify and address barriers to the development of our children.

'Children are exceptionally well taught and prepared for the next stages in their learning' - Ofsted, May 2016

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