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Some Goodbyes and Some Hellos

I start this newsletter with two bits of bad news, Janet and Mala, two of our wonderful Governors have left the Governing Body. They've moved on to pastures new and we wish them the very best. Janet's recent help on our Finance Committee has been invaluable, we really benefited from having her experience and expertise. Mala was one of our longest standing members, she was chair of the Curriculum Committee, and the Governor responsible for safeguarding and child protection. As you can imagine, her absence will be felt. We offer our sincerest thanks to both Janet and Mala, come back to visit when you can!

This, of course, leads me neatly on to the topic of recruitment for the Governing Body. If you'd like to get more involved with Grove House, please get in touch. Maybe you have children who attend, and you'd like to help us shape the support and provision they receive. Maybe you have some skills that you think the Governors could make use of? Are you experienced in the world of finance? Equality? Health and Safety? Baking? If this is you, or if you're just interested in learning more, please get in touch, or learn more about the Governing Body.

I'm going to end this newsletter with a short report on my most recent visit to the Centre. Governor visits are one of the best things about being a Governor, you pop in, have an interesting chat about what the staff are up to, then play with the children for a while. You really get to see what the Centre's all about, from all sides. I love it.

For this visit I got a guided tour around the new Grove 2 building. The ground floor of which is a fantastic space for our toddlers. I had a great chat with Clare, a Nursery Officer, who explained how they'd managed the transition from the smaller shared space for the infants and toddlers, to the larger, toddler-only, room. I then sat down and built things out of clay, read some books, and drove farm vehicles. Not a bad way to spend the morning.

Overall I was really impressed with the new building and the new provision it enables. It feels spacious, welcoming, educational, but most importantly, fun. The current toddler cohort are having a great time there, as I'm sure all future toddlers will (my daughter included).

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