Wednesday, 21st March 2018


The Grove House Children's Centre team are made up of hard working, enthusiastic staff members and they are supported by a great team of governors. Scroll down to view the Grove House Children's Cente team.

If you are a team member you can;

  • Access your emails via GHCC Exchange
  • Login to the website using your website username and password at the top right of this page
  • Reset your web password by visiting the login page


Himisha Patel's picture
Himisha Patel
Head of Centre
Helen Mayor's picture
Helen Mayor
Deputy Head
Rani Banga's picture
Rani Banga
Finance & Administration Officer
Jyoti Subharwal's picture
Jyoti Subharwal
Admin Assistant
Kiran Bilkhoo's picture
Kiran Bilkhoo
Children's Centre Administrator
Jo Dabir-Alai's picture
Jo Dabir-Alai
Lead Practioner
Ranbir Jaswal's picture
Ranbir Jaswal
Teacher / SEN
Rozina Hyder's picture
Rozina Hyder
Nursery Officer
Natalie Buckland's picture
Natalie Buckland
Bindu Joshi's picture
Bindu Joshi
Nursery Nurse
Clare Davis's picture
Clare Davis
Nursery Nurse
Nita Bhangu's picture
Nita Bhangu
Nursery Nurse
Rupinder Chana's picture
Rupinder Chana
Nursery Nurse
Veerpal Kaur's picture
Veerpal Kaur
Nursery Nurse
Rajal Shah's picture
Rajal Shah
Nursery Nurse
Mariam Jussab's picture
Mariam Jussab
Nursery Nurse
Baksho Devi's picture
Baksho Devi
Nursery Assistant
Meera Elancheran's picture
Meera Elancheran
Nursery Assistant
Shazia Nisar's picture
Shazia Nisar
Nursery Assistant
Simmi Ansel's picture
Simmi Ansel
Nursery Assistant
Tahira Ahmad's picture
Tahira Ahmad
Nursery Assistant
Billu Banga's picture
Billu Banga
Handy person
Ranjit Sandhar's picture
Ranjit Sandhar
Centre Cook
Jagir Shah's picture
Jagir Shah
Usha Saroay's picture
Usha Saroay